MahaKavi Kalidas (1960) – Tamil Old Classic Movie Online


Cast : Sivaji Ganesan, Sowkar Janaki ,Saroja Devi and others
Music: K V Mahadevan
Director :  S. S. Chandran
Dialogues and Screenplay : Pingali Nagendra Rao
Genre :  Drama / History / Musical
Released in Year : 1960

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Story Line :

Mahakavi Kalidas Directed by S. S. Chandran. Princess Vidyotama vows to marry the man who defeats her in debate, but she wins every time. Through a ruse, her spurned suitors manage to marry the princess to the simpleminded Kalidas. Ashamed of his ignorance, Kalidas becomes a seeker of knowledge and is bestowed with wisdom by the goddess Kali. This moving story of love and enlightenment is based on legends surrounding real-life poet Mahakavi Kalidas.

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