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Cast : Alaap Mazgaonkar, Mohini Mathur, Shabana Azmi, Shweta Prasad and others
Director : Vishal Bharadwaj
Released on : 22 November 2002

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Story Line:

In a small North Indian village, Legend has it that a 100 years-old witch lives in an abandoned mansion on the village outskirts, and any person who goes inside is turned into an animal. In the same village a clever, naughty girl named Chunni (Shweta Prasad) lives with her widowed father, grandmother and her identical twin Munni, who is just the exact opposite of Chunni in mannerisms. But one day, Chunni’s prank causes Munni enters the witch’s mansion and the witch turns her into a hen. Chunni strikes a deal with Makdee (Shabana Azmi) that she will present Makdee with 100 hens in exchange for Munni in human form. How she manages this task forms the crux of the rest of this fun-filled children’s movie.

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