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Cast: Arun Vijay, Prabhu, Vedhika, Prakash Raj, Santhanam and others
Music: Mani Sharma
Director: A Venkatesh
Release Year: 2009

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Plot Summary:

The story is simple and goes like this. Palani Vel (Prabhu) and Vetri Vel (Arun Vijay) are two brothers living in the foot hills of Palani. Palani Vel is a farmer and the later is a mini van driver. Once Vetri falls in love with a RJ Anjali (Vedika), who is on a visit to Palani, he finds another girl Lakshmi (Kasturi) to romance his brother Palani.

Meanwhile, the Vetri goes to Chennai in search of a job. Finally, he gets a Job as van driver in a courier company and earns the friendship of Vimala Hassan (Santhanam), a fan of Kamal Hassan. But Villain Prakash Raj becomes a big hurdle to Vetri to reach his lover. How he overcomes all those hurdles and joins hands with his lover is the remaining action packed portion of the film.
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