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Mangamma Saptham (1965) – NTR Telugu DVD Movie Online and Download

Cast : N.T.Rama Rao (dual role,  father and son vijayanath), Jamuna (mangamma),Girija(manjari), RelangivenkaTaraamayya (Bhajagovindam),Rajanala, Rajashree (guest), L.Vijayalaxmi(vijaya), Ramana Reddy(sipayi somayya), Allu Ramalingayya, Anji/Balakrishna, Mikkilineni Radhakrishna murthy, Nallarammurthy, chayadevi(seetamma), Vanishree,
Release Date : 6th march 1965
Producer: D.V.S.Raju
Direction: B.Vithalacharya

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The King (NTR) a big womanizer sees the village belle Manga (Jamuna) and likes her. Manga refuses his proposal. Which irks the king. He challenges her saying that he will marry her. For that manga challenges that even if king marries her and keeps her in the prison she will give birth to his son and makes him whip him the court.
King accepts that challenge, marries her and keeps her in the prison. How manga wins her challenge with the help of his father, brother and son is the rest of the interesting plot.

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