Mee Sreyobhilashi(2007) -Telugu DVD Movie online and download



Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Naresh, Raghubabu, Brahmanandam, Krishna Bhagawan, Nasser, Ali, Dhanush, Meena, Medha, Roopa and others.
Producer: Y.Sonia Reddy
Director: V.Eashwar Reddy
Released on : 28th December, 2007

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Story Line:

Professor Rajaji (Rajendra Prasad) is alone as both his wife and daughter die. He gives and advertisment that who wants to die can meet him . Ten members meet him and express that they want to commit suicide.He arranges a bus trip to Srisailam where they want to jump the bus from the highest cliff. Chinna who is one among them apposed and dies in between. Meanwhile this news is leaked to the media. And the cops are in search of these people. The rest of the story is all about whether the cops find those people?? Why Rajaji encourages for suicide ??

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