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Cast: Madhavan, Abbas, Reema, Vivek, Nagesh and others
Director: Goutham
Producer: CEE (I) TV Entertainment Ltd
Music: Harris Jeyaraj
Lyrics: Vaali-Thamaraj
Story & Screenplay: Gautham & Vipul Shah
Year: 2001

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Story Line:

Rajesh (Madhavan), a young engineer and indifferent to women in his college days, is smitten with Reena (Reema) the first time he sees her amidst heavy rain and flashes of lightening.

To his great dismay, he soon learns that the object of his affection is to soon get married to Rajeev, an Indian engineer working in Seattle. But he also discovers that Reena has yet to meet Rajeev and only talked to him over the phone.

Seeing no alternative, prodded by his grandfather Suppini (played by that delightful old comedian Nagesh) and with little time left, Rajesh decides to impersonate as Rajeev to gain Reema’s affections. Over a period of five days, Rajesh so inveigles himself into Reena’s heart that she even asks him when he would marry her.

But Rajesh’s game is up when the real Rajeev returns to India. It turns out that Rajeev is none other than Rajesh’s old college bete noire Sam. Reena is also incensed with Rajesh’s duplicitous behavior and wants to have nothing to do with him. Preparations for Reema’s marriage to Rajeev Samuel move at a quick pace.

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