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Dr.Mantena Satyanarayana Raju Dr . Mantena Satyanarayana Raju is an embodiment of all virtues.He is a god sent gift to entire mankind in modern day living where we are subjected to all kinds of chemical toxins.He strongly propounds that Naturopathy is a way of living (Naural Life Style) by which you can lead a happy and healthy life.This young man is creating history in the realms of health sciences at large. Watch his programs in MAA TV and in Sanskruti Channel .Manthena Satya Narayana, Manthena Satyanarayana Raju, the famous health and diet expert of AP, India. Maintaining the good health from doing some simple health care tips and avoiding the food which causes illness. In His Episodes he tells about health and deit like Reducing Excess Weight Problem, How to Cure Diabetes Problem Etc.,

List of Manthena Satya Narayana Programs

Morning Yoga and Mee Aarogyam mee Chetullo in Maa TV.

His Speech and Aarogyame Maha Bhagyam in Samskruti TV Channel


For your Health Questions Please Contact

Dr.Manthena Garu : 984 802 1122 ( 7 AM to 10 AM)

Dr.Vishala Garu: 984 865 9444 ( 4 PM – 6PM) 

If you want to Join in Ashram Please contact

Samskar Naturecure Ashram, Village : Akbarnagar, District : Nizamabad – 503 118

Phone : 08467 – 284144   

Watch Morning Yoga – Manthena Satya Narayana Morning Yoga Episodes – Maa TV Episodes:

Monday About Pranyams History :

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Tuesday About Pranayams:

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Wednesday About Asanas:

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Explanation of Asanas:

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Explanation of pranayama:

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Teaching of pranayama:

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