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Cast: Mohan, Revathi, Karthik and others.
Music: Ilayaraja
Director: Manirathinam.

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Story Line:

he film is essentially a psychological study revolving around two central characters, a newly-married husband and wife, who find themselves caught in an unexpectedly tense, complex and untenable relationship. Middle-class young woman Divya (Revathi) accedes to familial pressure and marries Chandrakumar (Mohan), an affable, soft-spoken company manager from New Delhi. She is unable to reconcile her marriage with a haunting past marked by memories of a former lover, Manohar (Karthik), and yearns for a separation. Chandrakumar graciously acquiesces to her wish, but because the law stipulates that a divorce can only be granted after a one-year period, they continue to live divided lives under the same roof for the duration of the period. Finally Divya realises the love of Chandrakumar and continues to be with him. A happy ending to a fine movie of the Great Maniratnam.

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