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National Award : Best Director – Bala

Cast : Arya, Pooja,Rajendran and others
Director :  Bala 
Cinematographer :  Arthur Wilson 
Producer :  P.L. Thenappan 
Banner :  Sri Raj Lakshmi Films (P) LTD 
Music Director :  Ilayaraja

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Story Line:

The movie begins with a man coming to Kashi in search of his son — a boy he abandoned 14 years ago on the advise of astrologers, who said he would only bring ill-luck to the family. Walking along the numerous ghats, he comes across an ‘aghori’, who he realises is his long-abandoned son Rudra (played to superb effect by Arya). He begs his son’s guru and takes him home to Malaikoil in Tamil Nadu, but a boy used to the ways of the aghora can never adjust to the rules of society. Rudra leaves his house and takes up residence among sadhus on a hilltop shrine, where physically challenged people are forced to beg by a syndicate run by the devilish Thandavan (Rajendran). The boss of beggars is concerned only about the money collected by his group of supplicants, who he controls, violates and disfigures as he chooses. Because none is able to give any reply to the violence he unleashes on those under his authority.

But when Thandavan tries to sell off a blind beggar girl (the best role which Pooja could ever think of, and one which she has done to perfection) to a disfigured leper, who wants someone to bed him without knowing how ugly he is, their worlds collide. The blind girl comes begging to the aghori for help — he, who sees only his job as giving ‘nirvana’ or salvation to those who don’t want any more rebirths (according to myth, a person blessed by an ‘aghori’ won’t have to go through the cycle of births and deaths an ordinary person is destined to. Once blessed by an ‘aghori’, you are supposed to be rid of the continuous cycle of births and deaths). How he provides salvation to Hamsavalli (the blind girl, played very well by Pooja, if you ask me she deserves a national award for the hard work she has put in) comprises the rest of the movie.

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