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Cast: Manchu Manoj Kumar, Sneha Ullal, Riya Sen, Nazar, Brahmanandham, Sunil and others.
Music: Achu
Director: Ajay Shastri
Production: Lakshmi Manchu

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Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4 || Part-5 || Part-6 || Part-7 || Part-8

Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4 || Part-5 || Part-6 || Part-7 || Part-8

Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4 || Part-5 || Part-6 || Part-7 || Part-8


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Movie Review:

Aditya (Manoj) is a business magnet who gets the riches as a hereditary from his parents. He owns some millions of property and is the legal heir to the property. Unfortunately the hero looses his father is a tragic car accident and also looses his own memory in the accident. Though he is saved in the accident by proper treatment is suffers with the memory loss disease. Aditya looses his memory everyday when he wakes up from his sleep. His past is total erased in his memory. It can be said that everyday is a new days to the hero. So, Nazar who happens to be his uncle manages his total businesses.

Though Adi is perfect fit physically his memory loss is a black spot on his life.

Adi works in a company and falls in love with Madhumitha (Riya) who is a vice president of the total company. Nazar the veteran actor plays the role of the managing director to the company and he is the only person on earth apart from a doctor who knows everything about Aditya’s medical condition.

Nazar soon discovers that Madhumita is in love with Adi and the two are deeply involved. He thinks wise and narrates the whole health condition to Madhumita. But he alters by saying that Adi is suffering from a heart ailment and is going to die within an year. . But involved in true love Madhumitha digest everything truth and is ready to marry Adi. An engagement is announced and Nazar declares that 16 of Aditya’s companies will be given to Aditya after marriage and Madhumita can take care of them.

Then a twist takes place and Nazar is murdered and his dead body is found in Aditya’s own car. Aditya gets arrested and then comes the lady police officer Anjali (Sneha Ullal) who investigates the case. She is an IPS officer but is a lover of Aditya in the flash back. They study together in college and love each other. But due to a stupid incident and aditya’s comment, the couple split apart.

Aditya patches up with anjali in the past and wants his father to see his lover. But as fate decides the future, Adi’s father is killed in an accident and Aditya’s looses his memory in the same.

Aditya then resolutes to solve the case of Nazar who is his uncle and wants the murderers behind bars. So, he decides not to sleep as his memory is lots after the sleep. The actual suspense starts which must be watched on the big screen. What happens next? Who is Madhumita? And who will marry Aditya is a mystery.

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