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Cast:S.J Surya, Simran, Kiran, Manivannan, Karunas and others
Director: S.J Surya
Producer:S.J Surya
Music:A.R Rahman

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Story Line:

Initially, Surya enjoys his newfound youthfulness and falls in love with Priya(Simran).He even takes up the job of designing toys and wins accolades for his ideas as his boss doesn’t realise that he is actually a kid. He marries Priya and learns to cope with the unfamiliar world of grown ups.

When he comes to know that his mother is longing for his return, he again becomes a kid – but a mistake in the process by Manivannan make him a kid in the morning and a 20-plus in the night. He is Pappu, the boy during daytime and Vichu by nights! He is fagged out being Pappu to his loving mother, attending schools and doing home works, and being sexually harassed by his wife during nights! Added to this his neighbour Sivakami ?maami? (Kiran) also lusts after him! “New” is all about how Surya manages his dual life.

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