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Cast: Venkatesh, Aarti Agrawal, Asha Saini, Prakash Raj, Chandra Mohan, Suhasini and others
Music: Koti
Screenplay, Direction: Vijaya Bhaskar
Story & Dialogues: Trivikram Srinivas
Producer : Sravnthi Ravi Kishore
Released on : 6th September 2001

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Synopsis :

Venakteswarlu aku Venky (Venky) comes to the house of Murthy (Prakash Raj) on recommendation of Sekhar (Chandra Mohan) who is a child hood friend of Murthy and the father of Venky. Nandini aka Nandu (Aarti Agrawal) is the daughter of Murthy. When Venky enters the house Nandu is  engaged to software professional from USA. Murthy helps Venky secure a good job. The relationship between Venky and Nandu first starts with hatred and turns into friendship. Nandu expresses Venky that she is in love with him. Venky, who does not want to spoil the relationship of their parents, decides to run off from the house , but comes back because of Murthy . Nandu is shattered as venky is normal and involved in marriage arrangements. What happens will Venky sacrifice his love forms the rest of the movie.

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