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Cast: Sunil Dutt, Saira Banu, Kishore Kumar, Mehmood and others
Directed by: Jyoti Swaroop
Produced by: Mehmood, N. C. Sippy
Music: Rahul Dev Burman

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Story Line:

Bhola (Sunil Dutt) falls in love with his neighbor Bindu (Saira Banu). He wants to sing to impress Bindu and takes help of his friend, Guru (Kishore Kumar) who is a famous singer. Guru sings in the background and Bhola mouths the words. Bindu is charmed by what she thinks is Bhola’s singing. They become friends and fall in love. Bindu’s music teacher Mehmood also in love with her and keeps proposing to her. Bindu loves Bhola and hence refuses Masterji. One fine day Bindu finds out about Bhola’s lie. She is very upset and refuses to meet Bhola. And she decides to marry Masterji instead. They both prepare for the wedding, while Bhola thinks of a way to get Bindu back. Rest of the story is how Guru helps to succeed Bhola’s love.

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