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Cast: Nasser, Jayaram, Samiksha, Saranya Mohan, Arvind
Music: Sundar C Babu
Direction: Raju Eswaran
Production: Ramanathan

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Story Line:

The basic thread of the film is from Ramayan, about the story of Mareechan, the brother of Ravana. The film starts with Mareechan (Jayaram) disguised as a deer to attract Seetha gets killed by Lord Rama’s arrow and a curse that he will remain a rock, till somebody will free him after a few centuries.

Cut to modern day, Rajaram (Nasser) is a rich estate owner in Ooty whose relatives- M.S Bhaskar, Ilavarasu and Mayilsamy are milking him off. Enter a smart girl Seetha (Saranya Mohan) who comes in as Rajaram’s PA, and sees through the game of his relatives. Now the comedy trio wants to bump off Seetha who has fallen in love with the cook of the house Sriram (Aravind).

They appoint killer Pandi (Karnas) and his assistant ( Ganja Karuppu). She is thrown off a cliff, but lands on Mareechan’s rock and his curse is lifted. Mareechan is indebted to Seetha who is the only person who can see him and he becomes her protector. Meanwhile Manickam (Nassar) a dark and illiterate fisherman gives freedom to a Genie Idumban (Raju Easwaran), whose only purpose seems to be to marry Mandakini (Samiksha), Mareechan’s sweetheart! This leads to a lot of mumbo-jumbo, magical fights between the good and evil forces and ultimately the good guys winning over the bad guys and everybody living happily ever after.

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