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Cast: Kantha Rao, Savithri, S V Rangarao, NTR and others
Music: Ghantasala
Director: Kamalakara Kameshwara Rao
Release date: 1961
Running time: 188 minutes

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Srory Line:

This movie is all about how Pandava’s complete their 13 years of vanavasam and 1 year of Agnatha vasam. Dhuryodhana will be insulted in Mayasabha as Droupathy laughs at him. Then Dhuryodhana takes revange on him with loosing them in Pachikas and send them to vanavasam for 13 years. Then Bhima will be the gaurd at night for Pandavas. Rest of the story is how pandavas completed their vanavasam.

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