“Pandurangadu” Movie team is away from ‘Drink’ and ‘Chicken’



Telugu Actor Balakrishna is now busy with working in the mythological film ‘Pandurangadu‘ which is directing by K. Raghavendra Rao. Balakrishna is playing dual role in the film, one as Lord Krishna and the other as Pundareeka.

Normally Balakrishna has a habit of abstaining from eating Non-Vegetarian and consuming Aalcohol during the making of mythological films. So, he is continuing to this practice for curret film “Pandurangadu” also.

Generally in the sets of Tollywood, it is normal practice to have meat, chicken, and other non-veg items. As this film is  mythological film, not only Balayya, but also entire Cast and Crew also away from Non-Veg items.


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