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Cast: Jagapati Babu, Priyamani, Astha Singhal, Raju Sundaram, Kota, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu, Ali, Sunil, krishna Bhagawan, Venu Madhav, Giribabu, Kovai Sarala, Jhansi, Hema ,Geetanjali and others.
Music : Agashtya
Lyrics : Veturi, Chaitanya Prasad and Uma Maheswar
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Producer and Director : Madan
Released on : 8 December 2006
Banner : Aa Naluguru films
Genre : Family Drama/Comedy

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Story Line:

Hari (Jagapati Babu) and Lakshmi (Priyamani) have an arranged marriage. Hari’s friend (Krishna Bhagawan) tells him that he should not listen to his wife. Lakshmi’s friend (Jhansi) tells her that if she listens to her husband, she remains a slave to him for the rest of her life. Hari and Lakshmi starts living together but soon they grow apart as each of them listens to the advice of their individual friends. At the same time, they are forced to visit their grandparents (Kota and Geetanjali) to perform some family rituals. The rest of the story is all about how they learn about love and married life from their grandparents.

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