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Cast: Rajendraprasad, Divyavani, Gummadi, Sindhuja, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Jhansi, Raavi Kondala Rao, Radhabai, Ananth, Sakshi Ranga Rao, Ashok Rao, Subramaniam Dharmavarapu
Genre: Family, Drama, Romance
Directed by: Bapu
Screenplay: Raavi Kondala Rao, Venkata Ramana Mullapoodi, Adaptatio
Produced By: Venkata Ramana Mullapoodi
Music:  Mahadevan K.V.

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Story Line:

Newly married couple Krishna Murthy (Rajendra Prasad) and Satyabhama (Divyavani) agree to pretend unmarried as they go seeking a job in an office whose boss wants only to give just a job to one member in the family. The entire story here is a kind of battle of wits the couple trying to hide their relationship for situation getting created with the danger of exposing them. There are also scenes between husband and wife quarrelling over petty issues particularly when Satyabhama doubts the relationship between her husband and the boss’s daughter. The narration moves mainly on humorous course and it is the way the couple fight like two children on silly issues but these are the scenes that are down to earth that takes audiences with them. The company’s proprietor (Gummadi) finally comes round and realizes his mistake in the end when the drama taken to heights when Satyabhama was to breakdown. The two expose themselves tell their proprietor their relationship and that is when the proprietor relaxes the rule and even grants more money in appreciation of their truthfulness towards each other.

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