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Cast: A.N.R, Savitri, Jaggaiah, Jamuna, Gummadi, Relangi, Ramana Reddy Relangi Venkatramaiah, Mikkilineni, L. Vijayalakshmi, Rajasree and others
Producer: Lakshminarayana Chowdhary D
Director: B.N.Reddy
Music: Saluri Rajeshwara Rao

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Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4 || Part-5

Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4 || Part-5

Part-1 || Part-2 || Part-3 || Part-4 || Part-5

Story Line:

ANR is a son of Jamindar and comes to city for study purpose and stays in the Jamuna’s house for rent. ANR starts loving Jamuna as she is very talkative and attractive. But Jamuna doesn’t. Savitri is the daughter of Jamindar’s accountant and she loves ANR as she knows him from her childhood. Jamuna doesn’t know that ANR is loving her and ANR doesn’t know that Savitri is loving him.

ANR and Savitri both are not able to express their loves. Unexpectedly Jamuna got married to another guy Jaggayya as she doesn’t know about ANR’s love on her. And she treats him as a brother. Rest of the movie is What is the reaction of ANR and what about Savitri ?

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