Priyamana Thozhi (2003) – Tamil DVD Movie Online and Download


Cast : Madhavan,Sreedevi Vijayakumar,Jyothika,Vineeth,Manivannan,Ramesh Khanna,Livingston
Music : S.A. Rajkumar
Written : S.Rajkumar
Directed : Vikraman
Produced : Oscar Ravichandran

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Priyamana tozi Story Line

Ashok (Madhavan) and Julie (Sridevi Vijaykumar) have been friends ever since childhood and they don’t share any love interest. Ashok falls in love with Nandini (Jyothika), a rich girl with whom he marries, and although Julie’s closeness to Ashok initially irritates Nandini, she subsequently accepts it. Julie falls in love with a guy called Michael (Vineeth), a cricketer who’s hoping for a place in the Indian cricket team and Ashok happens to be his main opponent. When Ashok gets selected, Michael’s father strikes a deal with Ashok that the marriage between his son and Julie will only take place if Ashok steps down and let Michael substitute him, to which Ashok agrees for friendship’s sake. When Michael learns of this at the end, he restores the severed ties between himself and Ashok, and the movie ends upon a happy note.

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