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Cast : Ramesh, Mallika Kapoor, Karunas
Music Director : Srikanth Deva
Direction : G.V.Kumar
Producer: Antony

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Story Line:

The movie is about the hero Ramesh (Ramesh) an ordinary guy suddenly starts seeing things that are going to happen in the immediate future. Ramesh goes to a village for the wedding of a friend along with his buddy Karupusamy (Karunas) and he starts getting nightmarish dreams. In his dreams he gets nightmares of his friend Karupusamy,s death due to a lorry accident, his falling in love with Chembakam (Mallika Kapoor) a village girl who is said to be unlucky and on his wedding day his father succumbing to a heart attack. Now what ramesh will do is the rest of the movie.

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