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Cast: Mumait Khan (in dual role), Rajeev Kanakala, Aditya Om, Suhasini, Nalini, Vinod Kumar and others
Story, Screenplay: Yandamoori Veerandranath
Music: S.A.Rajkumar
Editing: Nandamuri Hari
Produced by: G Vijay Kumar Gowd
Directed by: A.Kondarami Reddy

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Story Line :

The movie is a fictional story that earth is on the verge of collapse in a few years and to save the world from brink, two Naga Devatas (snakes) plan to perform their dance at Lord Shiva. While they are at it the male snake (played by Aditya Om) is killed by ‘smugglers’ to get ‘mani’. The female snake (Mumait Khan) now looks for vengeance and waits for chance to get a right ‘body’ to get into human form. A police officer’s daughter (Mumait Khan) is smart and sexy and has tattooed body. It is believed that a girl with natural tattooed body has the power to bring another ‘naga mani’. So he becomes now the target of villains but a group of petty thieves (played by Rajeev Kanakala, Suhasini, etc) save her from an accident. While she is on hospital bed, the female snake enters into her body and the rest of the movie is how she takes revenge.

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