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Hyderabad: Maverick film maker Ramgopal Varma sent legal notices to TV9 for telecasting a defamatory programme on him. The show titled ‘Ram Dhamaal Varma’ was telecast on TV9 at 7PM on Wednesday. He also filed a complaint with Hyderabad police. In this connection he visited City Police Commissioner’s Office at Basheer Bagh in Hyderabad on Friday.

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The one hour show which also had critics on the panel lash out at RGV and his wierd antics and his flop show with KSD-Appalraju, bisected his career. This well edited and fabulously written story was widely watched across the state. TV9 executive editor Arun Sagar lent his voice to this story. The show called Varma a semi intellectual and a half mad person masquerading himself as an ace director. This one hour dressing down of Varma didn’t go well with him. He took offense to this show and sent legal notices to TV9 for defaming him.

RGV released a press statement confirming his legal proceedings against the channel. ‘With regard to an extremely derogatory programme done by TV 9 on me titled ‘Ram Dhamaal Varma’ where they have attributed many false quotes to me, of which one example is ‘prekshakulu verri vedhavalu’, I am hereby informing that I am initiating criminal action against TV 9 for defamation with a criminal intent’.

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