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Cast -Chiranjeevi, Gemini Ganesan, Shobana, Brahmanandam, Prasad Babu and others
Directed by – K. Balachander
Music – Ilayaraja

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Story Line:
The film is about the ideological clash between a young man, Suryam (Chiranjeevi), and his father Bilahari Ganapathi Sastry (Gemini Ganesan). While the father believes that music and his life are for salvation, the son strives for a better society.They part away after Suryam decides to teach his father a lesson by representing the need for social awareness in a concert. Sastry hates this idea of polluting the sacredness of music by individualism and promotes another disciple ignoring Suryam.Fed with his father’s refusal to identify him, Suryam quits home. He finds solace in the association with Lalita(Sobhana) and her family. Sastry who believes in the supremacy of caste over humanity, tries to break this by instigating drunkards from the village whom Suryam has sworn to reform. Suryam vows not to marry in exchange for the drunkards reforming themselves. Will Bilahari Sastry accpet his son’s ideals  or not, how he changes forms the rest of the story.

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