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Cast: Bally Sagoo, Preeti Jhangiani, Dalip Tahil, Zoe Szypillo, Daljeet Kaur and others
Genre: Romance, Drama
Running Time: 149 minutes
Release Date: 30 November 2007
Director: Harjindera Dhami

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Story Line:

After a freak accident in Scotland, Bali (Sagoo) is left in a coma. His doting grandfather, Kartar Singh (Tahil), travels to the Punjab for blessings of a speedy recovery for his grandson. Accompanying him on his holy journey is Manpreet (Jhangiani), a traditional village belle. Kartar returns to Scotland with Manpreet, envisaging her to be the daughter-in-law he always dreamed of, but finds Bali awake and harbouring intentions to marry dancer Charlene (Zoe Szypillo). Can Manpreet win Bali’s heart the traditional Indian way?

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