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Cast: Chandrakala, Jamuna, Ranga Rao, S.V, Sobhan Babu, Venkateswararao, Gummadi and others
Dialogues : Venkata Ramana, Mullapudi
Music :  Mahadevan, K.V
Director: Bapu

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Story Line:

Sampurna Ramayanam is a story from the Epic Mythology of all times ‘The Ramayan’. Rishi Vishwamitra the saint wanted to perform a Yagna however he was troubled a lot by the Rakshasa and hence to seek help he went to King Dasrath. Dasrath asked his sons to go with Rishi to Mithila. There Rama fulfilled a condition of the king of Mithila and consequently married his daughter Sita. Happily all returned home. Sometime later Dasrath decided to abdicate in favour of his son Rama but his step-mother ill advised by his maid Manthara raised an obstacle and requested Dasrath to make her own son Bharat the King. Rama was asked to leave the palace with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman for 14 years. In the forest Rama came across Shoorpankha who tried to entice the two brothers in her love trap but failed to achieve her object and hence attacked them. Lakshman on the contrary cut off her nose. She felt insulted went back to her brother Ravan who wild with vengence abducted Sita and took her to his kingdom. Rest of the story is how Rama finds Sita with the help of Hanuman and what happens then ?

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