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Cast: Vishal, Meera Jasmine, Siddique Lal, Raj Kiran, Raja and others
Director: N Lingusamy
Producer: Vikram Krishna
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Story & Screenplay: N Lingusamy

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Story Line:

Balu (Vishal) and Karthik (Raja) are college buddies, who have just finished their exams. Balu accompanies Karthik to his home in Chidambaram. During his brief stay in Chidambaram, he finds a warm welcome from Karthik’s family and friends. Balu also finds Karthik’s sister Hema (Meera Jasmine) to be very refreshing. The unlady-like, movie crazy, spunky girl has a ready retort for anything. But one jarring note disturbs Balu’s stay in Chidambaram when he witnesses a murder committed by a local rowdy called Kasi (Siddique Lal). Apparently, Kasi and his henchmen have been playing havoc in Chidambaram for a long time with none daring to stop his bloody ways. On his way back home to Madurai, Balu runs into Kasi in the process of attacking another person. This time, Balu steps in and thrashes Kasi blue and black. A humiliated Kasi vows revenge on Balu at any cost. The rest of this inane movie is an account of Kasi’s frenetic attempts to avenge his humiliation and kill Balu.

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