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Cast: Kamal Hassan, Amala, R.S. Shivaji and others
Director: Suresh Krishna
Music: Ilayaraja
Release Date: 1988

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Story Line:

Sathyamurthy(Kamalhassan) is an educated but unemployed youngster, dividing his time between hanging around with his friends and being verbally abused by his stepmother. Since he is jobless and often verbally abused by his stepmother, he along with his friends started dealing with the problems around them. a subsequent clash with a local rowdy brings Sathya to the attention of Dhandapani(Kitty), a rich philanthropist. So Sathya becomes his right-hand man, carrying out his orders while Dhandapani uses Sathya as his weapon in the political war he is carrying on with Mariappan(Rajesh), the local MLA.

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