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Cast: Naresh, Manjari Padhnis, Shraddha das, Venu Madhav, L.B Sriram, Jayaprakash Reddy, Ahuti Prasad, Chandramohan, Dharmavarapu, Krishna Bhagwan, and others.
Music: KM Radhakrishnan
Director: Eshwar
Producer: Malla Vijay Prasad

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Story Line:

The film starts with the gimmicks of hero Siddharth (Naresh) who tries to impress the heroine Sailaja (Manjari). Siddu falls in love on the first sight of the heroine and so is always busy planning the next trick to astonish the heroine in every possible way. At last impressed by his innocent tricks and charms, Sailaja falls in love with Siddu. But unfortunately Sailaja’s father is a factionist by nature which is the character played by Jayaprakash Reddy. His character name is Obul Reddy. He to conquer the whole faction region in Kurnool joins hands with another long time rival and in returns promises to marry his daughter Sailaja to the other factionists’ son. The other factionist’s character name is Bhooma Reddy (Ganga Raju).

Siddu discovers the truth that his beloved Sailaja is a daughter of a dreaded factionist and back off from his love in order to save his family and their lives. Sailaja on knowing this, challenges with Naresh that, if he accompanies her to her village and stays in their house till the marriage ceremony is completed then she will forget him forever. She also challenges that he cannot suppress his love towards her and will definitely obstruct the marriage.
Siddu aggress to the condition and makes a move to Sailaja’s hometown. There he is seduced by another hot beauty Nisha (Sharddha Das).
The rest of the story is about Naresh going to the home town of Sailaja and how he wins back his love. Sharddha Das in the meantime, falls in love with Naresh.

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