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Cast: Shiney Ahuja, Seema Rahmani, Nitesh Pandey, Utara Baokar, Rishi Khurana, Dadhi Pandey, etc.
Genre: Romance / Drama
Director: Vinod Pande

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Story Line:

The story kicks off from a small coastal town in Kerala, a young Roman Catholic cleric, William (Shiney Ahuja) in his late 30’s accidentally meets a young girl Rosemary (Rahmani), in her early 20’s, while on the way to her examination hall. An aspiring girl to a career in nursing, she shows little assistance to father William who helps her with some placement recommendations. What starts as a small beneficiary act accidentally turns out to a full fledged release of sexual lust on a fateful day when the two are alone in the priest’s room. After the usual “repent after the sin”, William even changes identity and travels far, making confession to unknown priests.

With the devil inside him insistently rising up, unable to control the lust for what he has experienced once, William starts wanting more, which Rosemary gave to him because she thought it was love and dreamt of a joyful life behind that love. Times pass by, the “Man of God” he was, is no more, and even the love he had for her turns into wicked possessiveness making the girl a perfect victim to quench his sexual lust. Soon rumours starts rolling and William takes a decision and tells Rosemary to marry someone else, a marriage to blind-fold the world and a husband who will be compensated for agreeing to acts of William and Rosemary, even after marriage. The romance that blooms between the fake husband, who longs for freedom and the wife, gives a complete twist to the story leading to a drastic bloody climax.

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