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Cast: Sathya, Sunulakshmi, MS Baskar, Thyagu, Manobala, Sathyan, Mayilsamy, Balaji, Sanmugarajan
Music: Iniyavan
Production and Direction: V. Chandrasekaran

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Plot Summary:

The story revolves around Boopathy Pandian ( MS Bhasker) who is tyrant father who uses the whip abundantly on anyone who disobeys him and he even sleeps with a gun at night. His wife is bedridden and he manages to keep order in his household comprising two sons Rama ( Mayilsamy) and Krishna ( Balaji),his two daughters and his daughters-in-law. He is dead against love marriages since his own sister ran away with a Manthrawadi.

His younger daughter Divya ( Sunulaxmi) is secretly in love with Siddhu (Sathya) the son of the family manager ( Manobala). Purushottaman ( Sathyan) is the son of Boopathy’s sister and is hell bent on marrying his cousin Divya.

Supporting him are his parents who try to use all the mantram and jantram they know to make this marriage a reality, much against Boopathy’s wishes leading to many comic situations.

Boopathy realizes that a secret lover is visiting Divya at night and hires four goons to catch the culprit. He fixes the wedding of Divya with another rich groom who however is already married but hides the fact from the rich Boopathy.

In such a tight situation how do the lovers unite? The story unfolds in a series of loud, rib-tickling dialogues and funny situations that keep the viewer roaring with laughter till the end. For once, MS Bhasker plays a serious dad while the rest of the cast upholds the comic mantle throughout.

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