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Cast: Jeyam Ravi, Trisha, Richa Palod, Prabhu, Kalabhavan Mani, Cochin Haneefa and others
Direction: M. Raja
Production: T. Ramarao, Editor Mohan
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

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Something Something Unakkum Enakkum – Download Tamil Movie:

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Story Line:

Santosh (Jeyam Ravi), A NRI youth from London comes to India with his mother (Geetha) to attend a family wedding. He comes across a young girl Kavitha (Trisha), who also come to attend the wedding. He falls for her instantly. After a few cat and mouse games between them, they finally come close to each other. Now they start to face problems. Kavitha’s brother (Prabhu), who has brought her up in life since the death of their mother, hates rich men for a rich man ditched their mother. For Santosh, his mother is a hitch opposing his affair.¬†Santosh leaves his house to reach Kavitha’s village. When his efforts to convince her brother fails, he finally accepts a challenge from him. Kavitha’s brother gives him a piece of land and asks him to come up with more produce than he could. Did he accomplish the mission or not is the rest of the story.

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