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Sri Krishna Tulabharam (1966) – Telugu Old Classic Movie Online and Download


Cast : NT Rama Rao,Jamuna, Kanta Rao, Anjali Devi, Vanisree, Varalakshmi and others
Director: Kamalakara Kameshwara Rao

Watch Sri Krishna Thulabharam – NTR Old Telugu Movie Online and Download

Watch Sri Krishna Tulabharam NTR Telugu Movie Online :

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Story Line:

Sri Krishna Thulabharam is about Sri Krishna (NTR) and Satyabhama(Jamuna). Lord Krishna Loves more Satyabhama and Satyabhama unable to see krishna with other wifes. Satyabhama beleives Krishna is all hers only. While Rukmini(Anjali Devi) worships Lord krishna and advises him. Conflict aries on Parijatham Flower and Satyabhama Instigates Lord Krishna to bring Parijatham tree from Devendra to her house otherwise she belives Krishna doesn’t value her love. Lord Krishna brings teach a lesson to arrogance Satybhama and finally, repentance.

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