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Sri Krishnarjuna Yuddham (1962) – Telugu Classic DVD Movie Online and Download

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Cast : N.T. Rama Rao, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Dhulipala, B. Saroja Devi,S. Varalakshmi, M. Prabhakar Reddy, Chittor V. Nagaiah,Kanta Rao, Sriranjani
Music : Pendyala Nageshwara Rao
Directed : Kadiri Venkata Reddy
Produced : Kadiri Venkata Reddy, T. Pattabhirama Reddy
Written : Kadiri Venkata Reddy, Pingali Nagendra Rao
Release Date:9 January 1963

Download Sri Krishnarjuna Yuddham Telugu Movie :

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Story Line :

The story is a combination of Parijatapaharanam, Subhadra Parinayam and Gayopakhyanam sequences in Hindu epic Mahabharata.   Parijat flower bought from Heaven was gifted by Narada to Sri Krishna. He in turn gives it to Rukmini. Knowing this, Satyabhama was angry upon Krishna and hits him with foot. He has to beg her pardom for seeking affection.

Subhadra is sister of Sri Krishna. Arjuna in disguise of a Munishwar goes to Dwaraka and with the help of Krishna comes close to Subhadra and finally marries her. Gayopakhyanam was a popular play written by Chilakamarthi Lakshmi Narasimham. Krishna and Arjuna fights for the life of Gaya, a Gandharva King who spits accidentally onto the palm of Sri Krishna. Finally Lord Shiva averts war and mass destruction.

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