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Cast: Vijayachander, Chandramohan, Anjali Devi, Somayajulu J.V. and others.
Director: K. Vasu

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Story Line:

The story of this movie is about “Shirid Sai Baba” how he came to shiridi and when people doesnot believe him as a God at initial stages. Bayijabayi  treated him as her brother/son and in shirdi Baba showed some Mahatyams and all those mahatyams and how people started to believe Baba as a God and how he cured the people’s material and spiritual desires is well showen in this movie. The movie is totally about Saibaba teachings, his preaching, his love towards people and some well known his  followers and also how he went to mahasamadhi and later even baba shows his grace to who believe him.

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