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Cast : Chiranjeevi, Sumalatha, Vijayshanti
Music : Ramesh Naidu
Direction : K. Vishwanath

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Story Line :

Sambaiah(Chiranjeevi) is a cobbler who raises his dead sister’s son Chinna (Arjun/Sirish) while also financing the education of the orphaned Sharada (Sumalatha) with an intention to marry her. When Sharada marries Bhaskar (Sarvadaman Banerjee), Ganga (Vijayashanti) has a tubectomy in order to marry Sambaiah whom she loves so that she would give her undiverted attention to the upbringing of Chinna. Ganga and Sambaiah after initial struggles become wealthy with dedication and hardwork.Chinna’s biological father Govind (Charan Raj) who is a criminal returns from prison and teams up with Ganga’s no-good father to make a series of demands on Sambaiah and to claim Chinna’s guardianship. Eventually Chinna rebels against his father and both he and Sambaiah return to latter’s modest original profession of cobbler.

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