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Cast: Karthik, Rambha, Goundamani, Manivannan, Senthil  and others
Music : Sirpi
Written and  Directed: Sundar C.

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Story Line:

Raja (Karthik) feels stifled under his strict father Col.Chandrasekhar (Jaiganesh) and when his father picks a girl he doesn’t like for him to marry, it is the last straw and he runs away to Ooty. There he teams up with Vasu (Koundamani) and they come up with an ill-advised plan to kidnap Indu (Rambha), the daughter of Vishwanathan (Manivannan). Vishwanathan is in fact Col. Chandrasekhar’s friend and it is Indu that Raja was supposed to marry. But Vishwanathan now mistakes Vasu to be his friend’s son and takes him under his wing while Raja is hired to be his driver.

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