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Movie : Unnidaththil ennai koduththaen
Cast: Karthik, Ajith, Roja
Music: S.A.RajKumar
Director : Vikraman

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Story Line :

The movie revolves around Karthik, Roja and Ajith Kumar. Karthik and his friend are thieves. One day they are hired to steal a statue of a Pillayar from the temple at night. While they are leaving the temple with stolen pillayar they accidentally ring the bell  and villagers chase them. For refuge from the villagers they run and hide in “Unnidathil Ennai Koduthen” Roja’s house. Roja catches him red handed and locks Karthik and his friend up in the Kitchen for 3 days (house arrest). Within the three days they both note the good habits of the other. After three days Roja gives Karthik some meaningful advice before he leaves. This advice eventually reforms Karthik. He later learns about many conflicts in Roja’s life and when she is kicked out of the house he helps her. He changes and reforms every habit that she hates. He does this wihout looking for any pay back. He does this for her benefit even though he knows that she is already in love with Ajith Kumar. Ajith Kumar,though he likes Roja, tells her, when her feelings were revealed to him, that he needs 3 months time to decide if she has all the right qualities in a wife before he agrees to marry her. The rest of the movie is about how roja marries.

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