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Cast : Chiranjeevi, Bhanu Priya Sarada Swamiyaagulu Nutan Prasad Giri Babu Ranganath Satyanarayana and others
Directed by : A. Kodanda Rami Reddy
Banner : Geeta Arts
Released on : October 1985

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Story Line :

The story of the film is Chiranjeevi (Chinnababu) wanted to become a football player and represent his country, but his father never appreciated  rather he always told to do something that is to earn money for the family by doing some other job. Chinnababu’s love towards football grows and his coach encourages him to participate in leagues. Narsimham asks his sons to arrange money for sister’s marriage but due to control of their wives they deny to do so. Later Narsimham tries to sell his house but Chinnababu stops him and gives him money saying that it is sent by his elder sister. After the marriage  they realize that the money wasn’t sent by the sister but Chinababu by selling his own kidney to save the rich man’s hier and lastly Narasimham appreciates his son’s efforts, for not even bothering about his football career and saving his house on time.
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