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Cast: Andro, Ezhil, Saranya, Kanja Karuppu, Pandiya Rajan, Maganathi Shankar, Latha, Namiraan, Bhoobahti, Seema and others
Music: Jessigift
Producer : S. Kannan
Director : Ezhilvendhan

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Story Line:

Guru, the hero, who has lost out to the world of drugs. Since he has no particular objective to go for, he gets in to anti-social activities. Priya, the heroine, roams around like a butterfly, with the intention to work hard to fulfill her dreams. Vellai is the typical hardcore criminal who is hunted across the country by the Police as well as by the Interpol. The film shows you how the fate plays with these three divergent characters. Guru boasts that he can floor any woman and takes up the challenge of his friends to ‘get’ Priya at any cost.  As fate would have it, Priya falls for him instantly after getting fooled by his gimmicks. Though Guru cunningly gets Priya, her true love wins his heart and completely changes his life. A true and flawless love emerges between them. But the affair is interrupted by Vellai, who lusts after Priya. Rest of the film tells you what happens to the three.

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