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The prestigious Yuva Garjana started at 5 pm with lakhs of crowds in Guntur. The program started with the main leaders and stars garlanding the statue of NTR. Then Bala Krishna, Chandra Babu Naidu and Hari Krishna are presented with willow – arrow (villambu), Vishnu Chakram and Gadda respectively. Then Chandra Babu Naidu made everybody on stage make a pledge.

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Vijayawada: The much-created hype of Balakrishna’s Yuva Garjana had failed to inspire the youth. 

The central attraction of the meeting, Balakrishna, was seen moving around the dais like Chiranjeevi at Tirupathi. Balakrishna’s speech was well drafted like that of Chiranjeevi, but the difference was that Chiranjeevi had taken enough care in pausing each sentence, while such a care was found missing in Balaiah. 

While it was highly expected that Balakrishna would give a speech that would electrify and ignite the youth, for real, his modulation had failed to evoke such an inspiring response from the gathering. 

Perhaps it was Harikrishna, who could give some punches and thus evoke applaud from the youth rather than the expected ones. 

Bala Krishna said, “After seeing Telugu proud being diminished by local congress leaders, NTR took it as an insult to Telugu people and came forward to join politics by bidding adieu to Telugu films. When NTR joined politics, he did not plan. He did not seek anybody suggestions, it was an instantaneous decision. NTR is the only person who could create such revolution in politics and created world record by becoming CM in 9 months after starting a political party. It was NTR who did 2 kg rice scheme. It was NTR who was pro poor and pro-farmer. NTR never misused his powers. None of his family members are in seen in assembly. NTR never threatened IAS officers. NTR never asked IPS officers to come to his house. If it was NTR who brought recognition to Telugu language all over the world, it is Chandra Babu Naidu who brought technological revolution India. Chandra Babu Naidu made the world know the human resources and intelligence available in Andhra Pradesh.”

He added, “There are bomb attacks all over India. There is lot of corruption. The roads are full of pitfalls. There is scarcity of current. Fertilizers are a scarce commodity today. Unemployment rate has gone up in Congress government rule. Congress had alliance with TRS with separate Telangana agenda and ditched them after coming to the power.”

Bala Krishna said, “NTR always believed in the youth. It was youth who spearheaded the win of NTR. TDP has always given lot of priority to the youth. Youth who has come to this meet should continue their inspiration and energy and make sure that TDP wins this election.”

Bala Krishna concluded his speech by using his popular ‘thodakottu’ and ‘kantichoopu’ dialogues. He also reiterated all-castes dialogue from his Sankranthi release Okka Magadu.

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